Passengers Privacy Policy

When you access this website or use any service being offered on it, MobRide may collect and use your personal information. This Privacy Policy will govern how MobRide shall collect, process, store, use or share your personal information in relation to your access to or use of its app/services to book a ride, arrange a driver, purchase any online product or service, or communicate with the support executives in any form or manner. Please carefully read and review this Privacy Policy. If you don’t agree, you may not use this website.

Scope and Application

This Privacy Policy will apply to all individuals across the world who use our app or other services to book a ride, arrange a driver, request transportation, or other on-demand services being offered on this website (Passengers).

This Privacy Policy will not apply to any information that may be collected from the participating drivers, couriers, transportation service providers, or other entities who use MobRide platform under any kinds of license to provide transportation services (collectively Drivers). If you are using this website as a Passenger as well as a Driver, the respective Privacy Policy will apply to your different interactions.

This Privacy Policy will not apply to any third party website or service, regardless of their interaction with MobRide. Third party websites and services operate according to their own terms and policies.

This Privacy Policy will not apply to any information that you share on social media or other public places on this website or otherwise. MobRide reserves a right to use your public profile and shared content for its business promotion.

Collection of Information

Information that you provide

You may be required to provide certain information for creating an account, booking a ride, arranging a driver, requesting any on-demand transportation, subscribing to any service, participating in promotional offers, submitting your feedback, contacting customer support, or using any other service being offered or made available on this website. Your submitted information may include your name, contact number, email address, pickup or destination address, profile picture, payment instrument, and/or other information that you are supposed to provide for receiving the requested services in a hassle-free manner.

Information that we collect

When you use any service being offered on this website, MobRide shall be entitled to collect your personal information in relation to the respective service. The collected information pertain to the following broad categories:

  • Location data: when you use our App to request any transportation or delivery services, we may collect your precise location through GPS feature of your device or approximate location of your IP address. This access to location services shall be subject to your consent and permission system being used by the operating system on your device. In case you book a ride, we may collect/track the precise location data of your entire trip through our App being used by the Driver.
  • Contacts on your device: subject to your consent and permission system being used by the operating system, our App may access the address book and collect name/contact information that may be stored on your device. This information will be used for facilitating social interaction on the Service or other purposes as described in this Privacy Policy or permission request.
  • Transaction details: we may collect your transaction history such as date and time of a booking request, rendered services, transaction amount, traveled distance, and other metadata about your use of the Service. We may also link your name to any transaction or passenger that uses your promo codes.
  • System Information: we may collect certain statistical information about your devices such as hardware type, operating system, applications, language, device identifier, serial number, motion information, mobile network, advertising identifiers, and other settings and configuration information.
  • Usage and Preference: we may collect information about your settings, preferences, and usage patterns while interacting or using the Service being offered on this website. Your usage and preferences data on the Service may be tracked using cookies, pixel tags, tracking tools, and device identification technologies that may uniquely identify your device.
  • Call and SMS Data: we facilitate communication between Passengers and Drivers as part of the Service. In order to facilitate effective communication, we may collect and store your call and SMS data, including the call or messages, phone numbers, and date and time of such calls or messages.
  • Log Information: when you use any service on this website, certain information such as your IP address, date and time of access, device type, browser type, entry or exit pages, visited pages, clicked ads or links, used features, and crashes or system errors may be logged in our server logs.

Information We Receive

When you use any third party service being made available on this website, we may receive some of your personal information from such service providers. To be more specific, when you interact with any social media feature, use digital wallets or other payment instruments to make a transaction, or access the Service using any third party App that interacts with our API, we may receive your information from the respective service providers.

When you use the Service as part of our enterprise solutions, we may receive your personal information from your company.

After a successful ride or any other on-demand service, the Driver may leave a rating about you. In case you use this website both as a Passenger and Driver, we may combine your personal information received through your interaction in different capacities.

Use of Cookies

The information that we collect mostly pertain to your device information and behavior on the Service (the User Data). Please acknowledge that we may use cookies and tracking tools to collect information on this website. To learn more about our cookies and tracking tools, please refer to our cookies policy.

Third Party Cookies

MobRide may use Google Analytics, AdMob, or other marketing platforms/services for monetizing and improving this website. Such third parties may employ their own DART cookies or tracking tools to collect your personal information in relation to their services or ads serving on/through the Service.

Use of Information

As a policy, we will use your personal information solely for the purpose it has been collected. No information on this website will be collected or used except the following use:

  • Provide, maintain, or improve the Service: we may use or share your personal information to implement safety protocols and prevent unauthorized access, facilitate transactions, help you book a ride or other services, confirm a booking and deliver services, improve existing services and provide new offers, tender customer support, and send update notifications and other administrative messages.
  • Perform internal operations: we may use or share your information to monitor and analyze user activity, prevent fraud and abuse of the Service, conduct research and data analyze, detect errors and resolve operational issues, and handle other internal operations to smoothly run this website.
  • Facilitate communication: we may use or share your information to facilitate effective communication between the Passengers and Drivers regarding confirmation of a booking and estimated times of arrival. Depending on your consent, we may also invite your contacts to thereferral program, or send them split fare requests, estimated times of arrival, or other features being offered on this website.
  • Promote business: depending on your subscription to newsletters or consent to receive promotional offers, we may use or share your information to send exclusive offers regarding new products and services, or invite you to participate in contests, sweepstakes, or other promotional events being offered on the website.
  • Offering customized Services: we may use or share your search/transaction history, social connections, active referrals, and other data to facilitate targeted advertisements and offering products and services you may be looking for.

We reserve a right to obtain your consent and use your personal information for any purpose not listed in this Privacy Policy.

Sharing of Information

MobRide reserves a right to share your personal information with its collaborating partners, service providers, drivers, and other third parties as mentioned in this Privacy Policy. Your personal information may be shared with:

  • Drivers in relation to your requested service. For example, we may share your profile information, user rating, and pickup/drop-off locations to help them respond to your service requests and deliver their services.
  • Other Passengers in case you request or book any ride-sharing Depending on your consent, we may share your split a fare request or estimated time of arrival with your friends or contacts.
  • Any third party in case you consent to receive ride-sharing or other promotional offers from MobRide or third parties.
  • The general public in case you submit any content on blogs, forums, or social media being managed or moderated by MobRide. All user content submitted to public places shall be deemed as non-confidential information which can be used by MobRide for its business promotion.
  • Your employer or other authorized entities in case you use any service as part of our enterprise solutions.
  • Third parties in case you consent to share your information on the App or third party services linked to the MobRide website, App or API as part of service integration.
  • The collaborating partners, subsidiaries, or other third parties in case MobRide believes that such sharing is necessary to process orders, provide services, obtain logistics support, or consolidate the User Data for internal purposes.
  • The service providers, marketing partners, consultants, or other vendors in case MobRide believes that such sharing is necessary to provide the Service.
  • Government or other competent authorities in case MobRide believes that such sharing is necessary to comply with applicable laws, regulations, or legal processes.
  • Law enforcement agencies in case MobRide believes that such sharing is necessary to prevent illegal activities/abuse of the Service or protect the rights, property, or safety of MobRide or other users.
  • Any third party or entity in case MobRide believes that such sharing is necessary in connection with or during negotiations of any merger, consolidation, restructuring, financing, sale, acquisition, or transfer the business in whole or parts thereof.

MobRide reserves a right to share your personal information with any party or for any purpose not mentioned in this Privacy Policy provided that you have given your consent to such sharing and your data has been aggregated to make it anonymous.

Social Sharing Features

The Service may include social media features that allow you to share your actions and activities with your friends through apps, website, or social media. Please acknowledge that sharing information by using social media features on the Service is subject to your privacy preferences on the respective social sharing service and their privacy policies.  Please refer and review the Privacy Policy of relevant social sharing service to understand how they handle your shared information.


We have implemented every feasible safety protocols to ensure that your personal information is never misused or compromised on the Service. However, you should acknowledge that the Service involves international transmission of data and inherent security risk of using a service over the Internet. MobRide shall not be liable for any privacy or security issues that may arise due to ethical or unethical hacking, unauthorized access, or misuse/abuse or your personal information on the Service. You shall bear all the risks that may be involved in using the Service over the Internet.

Privacy Options

You can take the following measures to manage your privacy on this website:

  • Access and correction: You can access and modify your personal information that we hold on our servers. You can modify your information by logging to your account on the App/website. In case you are unable to access or correct ant information through your account, you can send a request to our privacy officer at However, we may refuse such requests if certain information has to be retained due to legitimate business purposes or legal compulsions and/or disclosure of any personal information is likely to violate the data protection act or similar laws in your jurisdiction or undermine the privacy and well-being of other users.
  • Access Rights: MobRide will honor your right to access and modify your personal information, but all kinds of access, changes, correction, or deletion of your personal information shall be subject to the process, procedures, and applicable privacy laws in your jurisdiction.
  • Location Information: the collection of your location information is subject to your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time by changing the location settings on your device. Please acknowledge that disabling location information on your device may cause delays or limit your ability to avail certain on-demand transportation services on the website. Disabling your GPS information will not prevent us from receiving your approximate location on the basis or your IP address, and we reserve a right to collect precise trip information through Driver’s device.
  • Contact Information: access to your address book and use of contacts on your device is subject to your consent. If you are using the iOS-based device, you can revoke your consent at any time by changing the contacts settings on your device. The Android users should be careful while consenting at the first place as, depending on the device, they may not be able to revoke their consent.
  • Promotional messages and emails: you can opt-out from newsletter service and revoke your consent to receive promotional messages/emails by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of such commercial messages or emails.
  • California Residents: MobRide will never share your personal information with any third party for direct marketing unless you have given your consent for receiving exclusive deals and promotional offers. If you are a resident of California, you can write to our privacy officer at and request information about third parties who may have access to your personal information immediately preceding the current year.
  • Cookies and advertising: if you don’t want to share your usage data, you can change the configuration settings of your web browser to disable our cookies and tracking tools. For more information, please refer to our Cookies Policy.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

MobRide reserves a right to modify or replace this Privacy Policy at any time. If any substantial change in this Privacy Policy takes place, we will publish an update notification and inform you at your primary email address registered on the website. Continued use of App/Service after such modification shall be deemed as your acceptance of the modified policy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please write to our privacy officer at